Informed by values of trust, care, inclusion, and justice, this project aims to create community and support Environmental Justice advocacy efforts through multimedia storytelling and education. The purpose of this website and our project at large is to support the Fairmount Indigo CDC Collaborative in sharing the history of advocacy along the Fairmount Line and goals for the future of the Line - guided by climate justice, racial equity, economic justice, and transit equity – by visualizing relationships between people, their communities, transit, and air quality.

Our Process

The Fairmount Line has many stories attached to it and in our work we have tried to represent some of those stories. By speaking with members of the community, our team has been able to create a rich, nuanced and unfiltered image of the line. Our project took 8 months in the making - including field research, community connections, and resident interviews - and involved people from different streams with varied skills. We hope our work is successful in being a resource for the community - a tool for education, engagement, and action.


Jasper Katzban — Site Design & Development

Riddhima Dave — Design & Communications Management

Emerson Holloway — Design & Communications Management

Jennifer J. Lee — Website Illustrations

Johnny Richardson - Lead Developer, Engagement Lab

The Fairmount Indigo CDC Collaborative and the Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation, including Andrealis Martinez and Kendra Beaver.

The Air Partners team at Olin College, including Scott Hersey and Francesca Majluf.

The Engagement Lab at Emerson College, including Eric Gordon and Rachele Gardner.

Additional funding provided by the Barr Foundation.